About DCEM

DISRUPTIVE CREATIVE ECONOMY MEETING (DCEM) is an educative and interactive entertainment business series.

They are anchored meetings from small sized groups of 30-50 to conference sized groups of 100+ attendees across the varying aspects of the creative sector (Media, Movie, Music, Dance, Creative Business, Art and craft, Fashion, financiers of the sector and active stakeholders). DCEM assembles persons –stakeholders and professionals- for the particular purpose of discussing the creative economy as well as a platform for the exchange of ideas and to proffer relevant solutions.
DCEM is a trademark that belongs to the company Digital Music and Commerce Exchange Limited that was established in 2018.  The initiative is part of the company’s pillars, which is hinged on public education and enlightenment for the creative industry. DCEM is broken down into three segments: 
Masterclass Edition: This edition is focused on singular topics and smaller groups per session. 
Stakeholders Edition: This edition is focused on specific stakeholders to decipher problems in the industry as well as execute solutions proffered. 
Workshop Edition: This edition is focused intensive 2-3days practical sessions from experts in the creative industry. 
 In 2018, DCEM held two masterclass sessions on Music publishing and Entertainment accounting/tax and it had in attendance dignitaries such as the general manager of Copyright Society Of Nigeria.

Great Speakers

intelligent speakers in the entertainment industry

New People

An opportunity to network with practitioners in the industry

Have Fun

Deep exposure in the following areas: